Oh so you like attack on titan? Haha I love that anime. the way they [clenches fist] attack titans


Young Eren & Mikasa

alchemist-avatar requested: Can you please gifset a part i thought was interesting.  it’s where eren is a child and he is repeatedly stabbing the thug and when his in titan form and his repeatedly stepping on the titan and yet in both he was saving mikasa (even tho in his titan form he didn’t know he was saving mikasa or did he :o). i think it’s a mirror, like when his in his titan form he reflects his childhood or something, i dont know how to explain it very well so check out this post and thank you.

Mikasa supporting Eren

过光棍节 by 芒朔 


过光棍节 by 芒朔 


This is what I’m like in person

Art by pixiv user しばいぬ